Life’s kind of crazy at the moment. I keep thinking I’ll get on here and write a proper update, share some photos, talk about important things, but then I have a million and one things to get done IRL and never seem to make it back to the blog. I’d apologize, but I’m trying hard not to say “sorry” for being myself and living my life. I trust I’m not hurting you by being away; hope you’ve been having your own adventures, too!

I started a new job a few weeks ago, and am now working 40 hours a week as a front desk agent at two local boutique hotels. It’s not something I ever planned on doing, though I had mulled over being a concierge at one point. But funds were getting low, and one night as I looked through the New Orleans job listings yet again, one posting jumped out at me. The poster said that he was looking for “misfits” to join his team. My heart said “pick me!” I applied immediately, went in for an interview two days later, and got the job on the spot. Best of all, I LOVE it. It’s all the good parts of waiting tables, with very little of the bad. My job is all about making people happy while they’re on vacation, and since I love to travel and know what makes ME happy when I’m staying somewhere new, it’s all pretty intuitive. So far, people seem to be digging me, too. I’m really looking forward to getting better at the job and moving into a more confident role as a concierge/front desk agent/all around travel enhancer.

Besides that, I’m still working as a freelance marketer, though at the moment I’m mostly just doing proofreading and copyediting, which suits me just fine. I’m also back in school again, this time for a Copyediting Certificate at UCSD. I got an A- in my first class, Grammar, and am currently taking Copyediting I. My goal is to eventually transition into having my own copyediting agency. I love that it’s something I can easily do on the side while I’m at my hotel job. Nothing like making money at two places at once! Especially when you love both jobs 🙂

Let’s see, what else should I fill you in on? Oh yeah, I started selling Jamberry nail wraps. Actually haven’t kicked off my sales career just yet, but I signed up as a consultant. I love wearing them, and figured it couldn’t hurt to get a 30% discount on my own wraps while making a small commission on other orders. They’re so cute and easy to use, and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with crazy patterns.

The only other bit of news is that I’m going pescatarian again, and maybe eventually back to vegetarian. I just can’t be trusted to eat meat without going overboard and eating an entire pizza or multiple Big Macs at a time. I’ll be turning 35 in November, and my biggest birthday wish is to get back to a healthy weight, seconded by wanting to have a healthy, young-looking complexion. People can never believe that I’m as old as I am, but I really want to keep that up for as long as possible. More water, more veggies, and paying plenty of attention to getting the right nutrients will take me very far. After I’ve got my food under control, I’ll add in daily yoga and running. But for now I’m just focusing on not calling Domino’s.

Haven’t gotten my hair dyed yet, but will update you once I get my next paycheck. Gonna get my hair fixed and buy a couple of cute work outfits – yay!





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