New Hair Ideas

I’m pretty lucky that my new job is very accepting of my current look, which is a little more “me” and a little less the preppy look that I was trying to pull off for a few years, there. In February, I got an undercut and dyed my hair a metallic silvery-blue color, which looked really nice for about a month. Eventually though, the blue started to wash out and my roots started to grow in, and now my hair is a weird light blue/yellow/gray mix. It actually doesn’t look terrible, but it’s not really where I’d like it to be. Since I need to go in and get it trimmed a bit, anyway, it’s time for me to pick a new color! I’m thinking a pastel, and have been mulling over a few options:

Bubblegum Pink, like Kelly’s amazing ‘do from Pinterest:

Pink Hair

Icy Purple, which doesn’t look that different from my hair right now, except that it would have purple tones instead of yellowish gray ones.

Purple Hair

Of course, my very favorite is Unicorn Hair, which has a bunch of different interpretations online. This is probably the closest to how I’d like it to look, though:

Unicorn Hair

What do you guys think? I’m probably going to wait until the day of the appointment to make my final decision, so if you’ve got any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them! No green, though, and I’m not really feeling dark colors right now.

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  1. Paula says:

    I vote unicorn hair! It goes with everything! How fun…Show us a picture when you’re done 🙂

  2. PW says:

    I vote pink. Maintaining the unicorn color sounds like a lot of work and pink is a stronger contrast to your current color compared to icy purple.

    2016 is a year of change so why not roll with that? 😀 😉

  3. sagebodyworktherapy says:

    All three are fabulous! However, I have to at least once see a close friend with UNICORN HAIR!You could always make it into a year long transition, being that you already have a short cut, dye pink….as it lengthens….ice purple….then with your extra locks….UNICORN!

    1. Anna says:

      Could work! I’m going to do pink with some purple highlights first, I think, then add in some blue and/or other colors, just like you suggest. ❤

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