Getting Started

It all seems so easy, setting out. First, you set a goal. Then you define some small, easily-attainable steps to achieving that goal. After that, you make a plan on how you’re going to tackle said steps, and all you have left is to take flight and make those dreams a reality!


Anxiety sets back in. You notice yourself overreacting, feeling slightly stabby when you see those happy photos your friends are sharing on Facebook. You notice your dreams getting darker, and your sleeping patterns start to shift. You are groggy and dizzy, inclined toward snark. You no longer lose weight – you gain it by the bushel. Your hair is a mess, you’ve got a huge zit, you hate every piece of clothing in your closet, your cats refuse to eat the super expensive cat food you’ve bought them, and bill collectors JUSTKEEPCALLING.


You stop. You breathe. You think carefully about the goal you’ve set. Is it attainable? Is it rational? Why this particular goal? Why now? What is your subconscious trying to tell you about it? What could you be doing, instead? Should you be doing anything?

Then you get started, all over again.

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