Day 15: Day Off


I’m taking a day off, although I definitely pushed my boundaries yesterday, as well. Yesterday was my 7th anniversary with The Man, and he took me out to a lovely dinner at a fancy little restaurant I’d been dying to try. It was a great meal, but as is often the case at fancy places, the portion sizes were tiny. I ended up being happy about the flavors, but overall kind of down about not feeling “fed” enough – especially after being very strict yesterday leading up to dinner. So I’ve decided to enjoy myself today as a treat, and start over tomorrow. This typically does not go well at all, just so you know. In fact, a “cheat day” often ends up being the “binge day” that leads to a string of subsequent binge days and thus, utter failure. However, with this in mind, I’m going to do it anyway and see what happens.

Other than that, I just spent an hour window shopping online for outfits to dress up The Man. I don’t know why. I just felt like picking out sweaters and shoes, and I have too many, so he had to be my unwitting victim. I’ve never even looked at guys’ clothes online before, so it was a strange experience. No wonder it’s hard for guys to dress themselves – your clothes are super pricey!

The only other thing that happened today is that I got my 2nd Stitch Fix box in the mail, and again I only liked one thing. I got a cute little electric blue cardigan – cute, a pair of overpriced costume jewelry-esque earrings – meh, a red/white/blue striped shirt that looks like the American flag threw up on it – not cool, a black stretchy top that emphasizes how tiny my boobs are – also not a good thing, and a dress that’s a super-cute shape, but it’s black and white horizontal stripes, which makes me look like a prissy prison inmate. Probably going to keep the cardi, and send the rest back. Oh well…

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  1. kizzylee says:

    hi, i was moaning to hubby about how expensive mens clothes were -having a husband and son to clothe as well as three girls was costing a fortune, but he told me his theory,which i agree with;- he says mens clothes are expensive because the manufacturers know that men simply won’t buy clothes until they really have to so to make up for the lack of sales they charge a small fortune, i figured not only was he right but it did balance out as i can clothe the girls for less than half the price but it seems they get something every week ^_^ have a lovely day xx

  2. Anna says:

    Totally agreed! The quality is definitely there with men’s clothes, and the classic look has stayed the same for what, 50 years or so? And it’s not like most of them would take themselves shopping of their own volition; The Man was just asking me if 8 years was “too short” of a time to have a pair of sneakers. *sigh* 🙂

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