A New Name

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt asked us to talk about our names, and how they were chosen, a topic I’ve already discussed at some length. It also asked us to talk about our children’s names, and how they were chosen. I don’t have kids, but I have pets. Unfortunately, I’ve already written about choosing their names before, too. You’d think I’d be left with nothing more to say, but as it turns out I can talk about nonsense for hours.

I’d love to spend some time discussing what I’d rather be named, but in almost 32 years I’ve yet to think up a name that suits me. When I was a little girl I was quite set on having my name changed to Strawberry at some later date, but now I don’t think it’s that fitting. I could change my full name, Maryanna, to something more exotic by taking out an “n” or trading the “y” for “i,” but that’s what my grandmother did, or so I’ve been told. Originally her name was Maryann, but in the 50’s she changed it to Marianne, leaving me SOL when it comes to adding some flair.

I always liked variations of Anna, like Anja or Ana or Anya, but none of them completely fit. I’m just not that exotic. Anna fits even less, though, and definitely even less than Maryanna. But I’m stuck with it until something really awesome comes along, a name that I’m not ashamed to announce to a roomful of strangers. Why couldn’t they just have named me Mariana? It’s where Maryanna comes from, and would make more sense. It means “star of the sea,” which is a bit big-headed (am I really a star? why not just a good old barnacle?), but still fitting, given my love of the ocean. (BTW, I just looked for a baby name that means barnacle, and it appears no one wants to name their kid after one. Meh.)

I still love Maus – it’s what I call myself in my own head most of the time – but it’s not a proper name.

I think about baby names all the time. I don’t want children yet, but since my parents royally screwed me when it came to naming, the least I can do is be prepared when my time comes around. No phone books for me, no sir! So far I like Miriam (my great-grandmother’s name), Zelma (my other great-grandmother’s name), Josephine (elementary school lunch lady and complete saint who always gave me extra gravy with my mashed potatoes), Arya (complete badass from Game of Thrones), Joseph (after the easiest-going and most resourceful guy in the bible), and… Now I’ve run out of names. There aren’t that many traditional names that really stand out to me. I love St. Francis, but neither Francis nor Frances appeal to me for a kid. There can only be one truly amazing Francis, and that’s already been done.

And because I have no other way to end this rambling post, here’s a picture of a cool little mid century mod St. Francis statuette that I bought on Etsy today. The End! (*whew*)


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