Day 16: Untitled Weekend


Short & sweet, b/c I have work to do. I weighed in at 162.4 lbs this morning, and am having egg whites & spinach for breakfast as we speak. Just realized that I forgot to bring my yoga gear to work this morning, and not sure if I’ll have enough time to go home and pick it up before class tonight. Argh.

It’s raining out, and it’s hot and muggy in. Did I ever tell you guys that I work in an office that doesn’t have air conditioning, that shares a building with a restaurant that smokes a lot of pork? By the time I get home every day, I’m a sweaty mess, and I smell like a taco. Although I love 99% of everything about my work, I can never wear “nice” clothes here (you know, business clothes that need to get dry cleaned or hand washed), and I can’t go straight from work to a nice function, because who wants to talk business with a girl who smells like a taco? Anyway, I can feel the smells already starting to cling to my skin in this hot, humid box of an office, and I’m pretty grossed out right now.

Got to get back to work – we have a great new exhibit opening up tomorrow night at the gallery, and I’m making the final touches to the back-of-house organization to make sure it goes smoothly!

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