Day 2: Surviving the Show

So I finished up last night by 1) eating a sensible dinner of caesar salad & veggie chicken strips, and 2) drinking a ton of Guinness to even out my sensibility. Hmmm. Here’s what my LoseIt record for yesterday looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 11.13.02 AM

Either way, if you’re a lazy lady like myself, you’re only going to one mc chris show a year, so drinking my fair share of delicious beer whilst enjoying the company of my fellow geeks (and let’s not forget, a ton of nerds) was totally the right decision. See?

mc chris!
mc chris!

Even with having way too much fun last night, I still woke up and weighed in at 161.6 lbs this morning, so almost back on track. I’ll definitely be back on track by Sunday, since I can only handle so much debauchery and I’ve DEFINITELY reached my limit.

So far today I’ve had 2 Excedrin and a piece of Ezekiel bread with crunchy coconut & peanut butter spread. I find it important to note that I HATE crunchy peanut butter, and made a mistake at the store, but now I feel forced to eat it before I can go back and buy a jar of creamy pb. Oh, first world problems.


Add 1 avocado and 1 banana to my lunch. I’d eat some soup, but I forgot to bring a bowl to work 😦

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  1. shesaysmore says:

    Wow !that’s amazing 🙂

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