Strange Weirdness


So something odd happened today, and I thought I’d share it. I was out shopping, just taking care of some things that needed to get done. I was at a shopping center, in between getting a broken nail fixed (yes, I’ve graduated into girly girl mode) and finding out more about this new massage studio that just opened up. I’m walking down the sidewalk, and all of a sudden I hear myself asking, out loud, something like “What do you want out of life?”

I hadn’t been thinking it (that I know of) before I said it, and I didn’t have a clear answer for myself after saying it. I honestly didn’t think it was even that strange to be asking myself a question like that – I think it’s important to make sure that your actions and your goals are in alignment, and you know my obsessive list-making by now!

No, the weird part of finding myself asking myself, out loud, what I want to be doing with life, was that after I heard myself asking that, I could suddenly remember other occasions in which I had asked myself the exact same question. In fact, about two hours later, on my way into Wholefoods, I found that I was once again asking what I wanted out of life, out loud. I’m probably not explaining this as well as I’d like. Imagine that you’re on the bus, and a pretty normal-looking lady sits down next to you. At first everything is fine, but then she starts to twitch a little, and soon she’s repeating “What do you want out of life? No, what do YOU want out of life?” You’d be weirded out. Trust me, it’s weirder when that normal-looking lady on the bus is yourself.

Can’t wait to mention this to my coworkers on Monday and see if I’ve been subconsciously muttering shit to myself for a long time or not…argh.



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