Dream Diary 3/27/13

I’ve been having some weird dreams lately. A few of the things I’ve been dreaming about:

1) Friday Night. Trying to catch and hold 2 pretty large fish, with my hands, inside of an apartment. For some reason I was plucking the two fish out of some space (a pool? the sink?) and trying to hold them long enough to transfer them to a bucket. It didn’t work, and they flip flopped out of my grasp and into the top of a closet. The  items in the closet started to fall out through the door, and I realized there was a washer and dryer combo there. I was relieved. No clue where the fish went.

2) Sunday Night. Driving a big rig. I was delivering something (contents of a house, maybe) for my mother, to a small town on a peninsula. All roads led down to the peninsula town, but none led back. I was happy to get there, but nervous driving the truck. At one point I parked it for awhile under a covered driveway, and then needed to back out of the driveway. I realized that the opening to the space in which I was parked was much smaller than it had been, meaning that I was trapped in the space. No worries, though – in the next scene I was happily back on the road. I woke up before making it to my final destination.

3) Last Night. Walking to my friend’s wedding, with a coworker from my current job who just happened to look like an old friend from high school in my dream. One of my shoes was twisted and broken, and I was hobbling trying to keep up with all of the people heading to the wedding. Once I got to the wedding location, I realized that I’d forgotten my cell phone and also needed to get cash from the bank, so my friend and I turned around to walk back to the bank. Once we got to the bank, I realized that Sylvester Stallone was standing behind the teller, dressed in a really tight cop uniform for a movie he was filming. As we left the bank, my friend convinced me to run back and say hi to Sly, so I did. One of the film staff went to get him for me, and when he came out I told him that I was his biggest fan. He smiled and was so gracious, and it crossed my mind to ask if we could take a photo, but then I realized that it would be rude. I left to go back to my friend, instantly regretting not asking for the photo. My friend and I started to walk back to the wedding, but we got lost in town and couldn’t find our way.

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