Momma Tried – A Nudie Mag For The Rest Of Us

From the Earthly Delights editorial of Momma Tried, photographed by Daniel Ford
From the Earthly Delights editorial of Momma Tried, photographed by Daniel Ford

OK, so I lied. I’m not into nudie mags. But one of my best friends is publishing one, and despite my potentially damning lack of interest in explorations of sexuality (sorry Theo!), I can still see that this is going to be one of those amazing projects that everyone is going to fall in desperate love with immediately. So I thought I’d tell you guys about Momma Tried and encourage you to share it with your friends.

The magazine will be print only, and it’s chock-full of tasteful, high-quality artwork (paintings, photography, digital graphics, etc.) and interesting articles. The overall feel of the publication is intended to remind readers of the classic mid-century nudie mag, when there were tons of fun photos but also some meaty articles. This is a return to the days when a person could feel good about having a little printed porn stashed under their beds – you can show Momma Tried off as a great art-piece as well as bring it up in conversation while discussing items of literary merit.

Most important to our discussion, Momma Tried needs your help. Check out their Kickstarter page and please either donate or just pass this on to your friends!

For more on this awesome project, as told by my lovely and amazing friend/brain behind this project Theo Eliezer, read this article on NolaFemmes.

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