Get Down, by Anna Harris

A Word A Week Challenge – Dance

Just ran across a neat little posting challenge by A Word In Your Ear. Each week, a new word is chosen, and anyone who wants to participate can take part. You can find more extensive rules here.

This week’s word is “Dance.” My photo was taken on Mardi Gras Day in 2012, just outside of a popular New Orleans gathering spot/watering hole called the R Bar. Located on Royal Street just off of Frenchmen, during important days like Mardi Gras and Halloween, the street outside of R Bar normally gets packed with people in costume. Last Mardi Gras, there was music and dancing (this year there was a humongous apocalyptic horse effigy and a bull riding practice barrel, but that’s a whole different story). The guys in this picture were just getting down, and I was lucky to catch them at their most exuberant.

Get Down, by Anna Harris

9 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge – Dance

    • Anna says:

      Thanks so much! I took a little tech break last night, and was so surprised when I logged back in today and saw my stats. What a lovely surprise 🙂

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