What I’m Looking For


It’s not that complicated really…I’m only looking to make my life as fun as possible, for as long as possible. I’m ready to start living.

What I want:

1) Travel – at least two weeks, at least once a year. Foreign preferred, but honestly as long as I’m getting to go somewhere other than my own hometown, under my own volition, I’m happy. Extra points for places with great historic architecture and some form of physicality (sailing, climbing, hiking, etc.) involved. Preferred: significant other not only goes along, but actively plans trips with me, and even better if he devises the trips himself.

2) Spiritual Practice – a mindful, daily practice, and friends to share it with. Preferred: significant other is also spiritual, and practices with me or else encourages me to make time for my own studies.

3) Satisfying Job – a job that doesn’t suck, that does allow me to use my strengths as well as grow. A job that gives me access to events, galas, awards opportunities, and other black-tie events. I want to dress up and go to parties, and also be invited to be on non-profit/community boards as a result of my job. I also want to make enough money to put some into saving and some into retirement, without being broke after I do those two things.  Preferred: significant other also loves his job, and gets a kick out of going to black-tie events (extra points if he has his own events that I get invited to attend.)

4) An Apartment In the City – technically, I already have one, but I dislike it. It’s too small, and I feel trapped here. The ideal apartment would have a bedroom, guest bedroom, office, living room with enough space for a couch AND chairs, decent-sized kitchen, and 1.5 bathrooms. I do not want a whirlpool tub ever again (way too hard to clean, and I don’t take baths), and I don’t care about dining rooms since I don’t use them. Somewhere in there, it would be amazing to have a reading nook that I could escape to at will. Yes, I know that I pretty much described a house. Most of all, I just want some place to get away and not have to talk to/interact with anyone but my cats, a cup of tea, and a good book. I don’t care how that happens – just THAT it happens.

5) Outdoor Time & Healthy Activities – I’m tired of drinking. I drink, on average, one bottle of wine every two weeks. It’s the least I’ve ever drank since turning 18, and I’m still tired of it. I enjoy a glass of wine or whiskey every now and then, but I don’t want to do it anymore. I also don’t want to go out drinking with people, or go to social occasions where drinking is a huge part of the “fun.” That means that pretty much anything people do for fun in New Orleans is out of the picture for me. I’d much rather go hiking, camping, hang out at the beach, etc, but I’ve no one to do that with. The Man won’t travel until he has “enough money” which means that he has to strike it rich before I get him to leave the house. No one else I know here likes physical activities. It rather blows.

6) A House with No Meat, Candy, or Processed Foods – I don’t want anything in my house that was created in a lab, or comes in a box or can. I don’t want meat in my house, and I definitely don’t want microwave meals or bags of chips or cans of diet soda. Preferred: if significant other either agreed with me OR saw the sense in my request and decided to only eat meat products and/or processed foods outside of the house.

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