The New Orleans ADDY Awards

My beautiful team of coworkers and I won two awards last weekend at the New Orleans ADDYs! We won gold for a leasing brochure produced for Time Warner Center, and silver for an integrated marketing campaign created for a local nonprofit called NO/AIDS Task Force. I had just started working at Cathedral Creative Studios when the leasing brochure was created, so technically our award doesn’t have anything to do with me. However, I was very deeply involved with NO/AIDS’ Art Against AIDS campaign, and actually created the entire online strategy for marketing the event. I’m so psyched that less than a year after graduating with my Master’s in Internet Marketing, I’m already an award-winning strategist! Even better is the knowledge that it only gets better from here.

I had a talk with my boss the other day, and it turns out that my responsibilities at Cathedral will be growing substantially in the near future. It’s fantastic to know that I not only get to work with such fun, fantastic and fearless guys, but I’m also given so much support and love on a daily basis. I can’t begin to stress how wonderful it is to have finally found a workplace to call “home” after so many years of searching. I’m a little scared that I’m not prepared to take the big steps that I’m going to have to be taking pretty soon, but I have a plan for getting prepared and learning the skills I need to thrive in this career of mine.

Here’s a couple of silly snapshots I took of myself the night of the event. It was a 1940’s-themed event, and I scored the best outfit pretty much last minute. Bought my very first (and definitely not my last) dress from Trashy Diva¬†(called “Honey Child” – how appropriate!), and paired it with a fun feathered hair clip and bold red lips for a vintage look. It was a hit, too – just wish someone had taken a better photo.



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