Day #12: A Continuation on the Theme


That theme being utter awesomeness, of course 🙂

Feeling good – I woke up and weighed in at 157.6 lbs, the lightest I’ve been so far in this weight loss journey. I missed yoga this morning – think I forgot to set my alarm, because I slept soundly until 7am. I woke with the intention of going running, but realized I had a couple of bills due today and ended up spending the morning paying bills (blech, but necessary). Now I’m going to do some crunches and lift some weights, have a healthy breakfast, and go on with my bad self day.

Wish me luck, folks. Days like this typically end up being the hardest, because I get tired and end up binging. Today’s going to be different, though. I’m going to snack healthily throughout the day, drink tons of water, go to yoga, and tomorrow I’m going to weigh 157.0 lbs.

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