Day #12: Afternoon


True to form, I’m feeling pretty worn out right now. It doesn’t matter, though, because one way or the other I’m dragging myself to Bikram this afternoon. So far today I’ve eaten two eggs with a piece of buttered toast, a burrito, carrot sticks, and some of my favorite snack ever, Snapea Crisps. I’m not hungry at all, just feeling a little worn out. Totally should have gone running this morning to get my energy level up for the rest of the day.

Have you ever tried these? They’re awesome. I dig the Caesar flavored ones (but they’re more of a creamy ranch flavor, imo).

Oh, did I tell you guys that I ordered a new exercise video set to work out to on days when I wake up too late to go to yoga but don’t feel like going running? Yesterday Groupon was running a deal on Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body workout series, where the whole package of 7 workout vids was only $20. After reading the reviews and seeing the before and after photos of people who used the series to lose weight, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to add it to my collection. It’s all about dancing, which I love, so I figure I’ll at least get my money’s worth. If you’re interested, the deal’s still available on Groupon for the next couple of days.

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