Day #3: Photo Record


I promised that I’d post pics of my ‘before’ self, in order to hold myself accountable. The Man snapped these for me yesterday, and honestly I look a lot worse in these than I thought I did. The cellulite, saggy arms, and back fat are definitely eye-openers. Forgive the crazy hair – I had just gotten out of the shower.


We’re heading out to see The Man’s parents today (and hopefully pick up my new iPhone – my first ever, so I’m really excited). I won’t have time to go to yoga class, but I’m hoping the weather holds up and I can go running later tonight. In the mean time, I’m going to figure out what extra stuff I can do outside of yoga and running to whittle my arms and thighs. I have some weights at home, so maybe coming up with a daily routine will help. If you have anything you do and swear by, let me know!

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