Recap of Day #2: A.K.A. “Oops!”

So overall today was a pretty good day. I ate responsibly for most of the day, went to Bikram, and generally was not an asshole to myself in the diet department. I didn’t do quite as well tonight, but I did make some better choices that will leave me a lot better off than I would have been otherwise.

After Bikram, I got ready to go out to Dirty Linen Night, an annual art walk event on Royal Street. It was a lovely evening; our ‘sister’ gallery, Graphite, had an exhibit, drinks and DJs. All the guys from work went out, so I donned skinny jeans, a cute top, and heels and went out to join in the fun. We had a great time going from gallery to gallery, stopping in at a great little sterling silver shop, La Mina, owned by one of my bosses’ friends, and then catching some dinner.

Unfortunately, though I had planned not to drink or eat, I had two glasses of wine and a taco salad. However, it’s not all bad – I scraped half of the cheese off of the salad, ate grilled shrimp instead of beef, and didn’t touch the shell. I’m still past where I wanted to be for the day, calorie-wise, but I don’t feel guilty. I came very close to ordering a po-boy instead of a salad, and I could have stayed out longer to have more drinks, but I took responsibility and was much more conscientious in my choices. I’m OK with myself, and now I’m heading to bed.

Here’s what has to say about my day:

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