Resolution Update #6 & Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss: Day 6

Cutting up Credit Card

For those of you who have been tuning in now and then since January 1st, I just wanted to jump up and down and celebrate with you for a second – two minutes ago I just paid off Credit Card #2!!!!!! It’s the second one that I’ve managed to pay off since New Years, and only two more to go before I’m in a much more relaxed debt situation (just student loans left, which we all know are inescapable). So very happy right now.

Also, while I’m at it, might as well do my daily update on the diet scene. Yesterday I ate a bologna sandwich, bowl of soup, helping of yogurt, and 100 calories’ worth of popcorn, and with that and the shakes, I managed to blow my Weight Watchers points for the day out of the water. Thus, it should be no surprise to me that today I am again 157.4 lbs. Oh well, at least I’m holding without exercising. I’m going to start working out again as soon as my cold has gotten better, and I think between the shakes, counting points with WW, and working my butt off, I’ll drop weight very quickly.

Speaking of shakes, I ordered more from last night, and had some really annoying difficulties at checkout. In the end I actually had to call customer service to get everything fixed. The customer service guy was very nice, and helped me address the problem (which had to do with Paypal not ‘talking’ to the GNC page correctly). After I got it all sorted out and paid, I was invited to do one of those short online surveys to talk about my experience. I told the truth about what had happened, and how unhappy I was that it took me 30 minutes to check out. How surprised was I this morning when I got an apology email from GNC, in which they explained more about the tech difficulties I had gone through and also told me they were refunding me for the 2 day shipping costs I had paid?!? So cool of them. I hope they get the tech bit figured out a little better, but overall I’m really happy with their level of customer service, and the fact I just saved $15 on my order.

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