Taming the Thunder Thighs

Zaggora Capri Flares
I've become obsessed with Zaggora Capri Flares.

I’ll admit it – I’m a stalker. I’ve been known to follow my prey via cyberspace for days, weeks, even months…and we’re not talking about just one victim. That’s right. I am a serial window shopper, hunting down helpless items and going over their information and photos inch by inch on a regular basis, hoping for just one more scrap of priceless information. My current obsessions? Black lace cocktail dresses and Zaggora Capri Flares.

I ran across Zaggora products a month or two ago, when a bunch of different daily deal sites were running a special on their signature Hot Pants. Their line of pants and shorts are touted for their amazing fat burning capabilities, which is really nothing new so I don’t know why these intrigue me so.

Strike that! Reverse it!

I do know why they intrigue me…unlike all of those other gross fat-burning, cellulite-dissolving neoprene shorts out there, somehow Zaggora manages to make their offerings look cool, chic, even enviable. I should know – I’m the one who’s obsessed, after all.

The site has some really cool social media features, and even has a spot for brand ambassadors. I’d love to be one, but you have to own a pair of Zaggora pants first, and even with a super-secret coupon code I just found, the capris are still out of my price range. And I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of tight shorts (actually, I might, since if I wore them I’d probably die of shame). But we’ll see. Maybe if I save all of the change from under the couch cushions…

I’m also a fan of the site’s cool testimonials, and I’ve read some great reviews on other websites, as well. The only negatives are that your legs sweat a lot and the pants feel and sound a bit like a wetsuit while wearing them. Since I work at home, it would probably be awesome to wear these consistently for a month or so, in conjunction with my regular diet and doing tons of Zumba and running. I’d love to take an inch or two off of my thighs and butt. Plus it would be cool to freak The Man out with the ‘swish, swish, swish’ of my thighs as they sashay past.

I’ll let you guys know if I suddenly come into a fortune and get to try these out. In the mean time, have you tried them yet?

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