Cloudy With A Chance Of Flash Fiction


Today’s Weight: 161.4 lbs.

It’s 10:45 in the morning, and though my eyes have been open for the last 45 minutes, I’m still in the process of waking up.  It’s dark outside, and while there’s no rain yet, the thunder seems very close.  I expect a downpour to start soon.

Miracle of miracles, I finished my homework assignment for the week last night, so now the only thing I am required to do by 11pm tomorrow night is write a 1,000 flash fiction short story for a contest I’ve entered.  The rules of the contest (run by NYC Midnight, if you’d like to know more) are a little complicated, so I won’t go into it entirely.  Basically you get 48 hours to write 1,000 words, and each contestant is a part of a group.  The different groups are given required parameters by which to build their stories, including genre, setting, and an object that must appear in the story.  My story has to be horror, set in a jewelry store, and the object is popcorn.  Needless to say, I’m still working on a plot here.

Just saw lighting flicker out by the lake.  The sky is the color of sharkskin, that particular grey green that always scares me a little.  I’ve decided to go to yoga a little later in the afternoon; hopefully the storm will have passed by then, and I won’t be frightened to drive.  My friend AJ is throwing a ‘Going Away’ party for me and two other friends this evening.  Normally his parties are outdoor affairs, so wonder what’s going to happen if the storm doesn’t pass over.  I feel awful – I want to see all of my friends one last time before I move, but also there’s so much work to get done that I’d like to spend my weekend taking care of loose ends.  Sure I’ll figure how to stop being such a selfish bitch somehow.

Right now I’m going to go whip up a delicious omelet and some toast, then jump into this jewelry store and start mixing popcorn with horrible things, and see what happens from there.




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