Late Cat

Yup, I know I’ve been MIA for awhile now.  Unfortunately, not quite sure if I’m going to be able to get back on a good schedule with this blog for at least another week, so sorry for those of you who actually give a damn (and thanks, btw).  I’m in the midst of packing up to move across country, and between the impending travel, school, and the craziness of wrapping up 3 years of service at my job and trying to determine the best way to become a remote employee, I’m stretched a little thin right now.  Of course I’m not exercising like I should, and my diet has suffered.  With these changes, my overall health and attitude are pretty lousy at the moment, as well.  I’m tired, and kind of sad.  Not exactly sad, just maybe ‘blah’ is a better way of describing it.  Which makes me sad in the end, though.  Who wants to spend life being ‘blah’?

I’m hoping to go to Bikram every day this weekend, and every day until I leave town next Saturday.  There’s a lot going on this weekend, though, and not sure how to be balanced in this proposition.  Tonight marks the beginning of a flash fiction contest I’ve entered, in which I’ll have two days to write a winning 1,000 word story.  Also, I’m supposed to hang out with my friend Jess tonight.  And tomorrow or the next day (I’m not sure, actually) one of my friends is throwing a going away party for me and two other people who also happen to be moving away soon.  Plus, I have another major homework assignment due on Sunday, and given the fact that the last three homework assignments ended kind of disastrously, I don’t have the option of doing just an OK job on this one.

I really can’t wait to move and get settled.  I want to ride my bike to Bikram every morning, and spend my days working feverishly on my company’s marketing campaign.  I want to go on a juice fast for a week or so, and really rev my energy back up with lots of delicious freshly-juiced greens and ginger and carrots.  I’m pretty certain that now that I know I’ll be working from home, this will be a very exciting time for me.  My stress levels and weight are just going to melt, and probably pretty quickly.  It’s just that I have to make it through the next week without losing my mind.

Oh crap, I just remembered I need to buy a dog carrier this weekend, too.  And what about all of the furniture I need to sell?  And stuff that should get drycleaned before the move?  And the couch REALLY needs to be steam cleaned.  Any way it goes, I’ve got to get back to work.  I’m finishing up an RFP that’s due downtown in a few hours.  Time to do what I get paid for, then worry about the rest of the bits in a few hours.


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