Today’s Weight: 160.2 lbs

Today’s Energy Level: -2

Days Until my Birthday: 68 (crap!)

So it’s done.  I’ve finally moved to New Orleans after all of that time spent saying it was happening soon.  I’m ensconced in my new apartment, getting ready to virtually go to work in 10 minutes, and thinking about pouring a big glass of seltzer water to start my day.

There are boxes EVERYWHERE.  My boyfriend and I spent Saturday moving out of our Chicago apartment, Saturday night and a lot of Sunday driving to Louisiana, and Sunday night and most of Monday morning sleeping at his parents’ place.  On Monday we drove the last 40 miles to our apartment and unloaded the moving truck, then Monday and Tuesday were spent unpacking, and I went back to work and school yesterday.  We still have a lot of clothes, books, and electronics to unpack, but we’re missing several crucial pieces of furniture, so that won’t be possible until the weekend, at least.

I haven’t gone to sign up at the Bikram studio yet, nor have I really moved beyond the house.  I’m exhausted from the moving, and probably from the crappy food I’ve been eating, but today starts things over for me.  I ate healthy (boring, but healthy) cereal for breakfast, and I’m going to have some healthy-ish pre-packaged Indian food for lunch, and who knows what dinner will bring?  My short term plan is to be 160.0 by tomorrow.  I’m not entirely sure when I’m going to start going to Bikram on a daily basis, but hopefully tonight I’ll be able to sort out my clothes well enough to have a handle on what I would wear to class, and after that’s decided all should be fine.  Either I’ll go tomorrow, or I’ll start on Tuesday, after the stress of furniture shopping has been put firmly behind us.

It’s time for work, so I’ll sign off of here.  Thanks for waiting around for me, guys.  This is going to be a very exciting couple of months…



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