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Today’s Weight: 160.8 lbs

I didn’t make it to yoga yesterday, and it seems unlikely that I’m going to make it tonight.  Yesterday I spend the afternoon and evening working on a school project that went horribly awry, and as of 3am this morning, I was still working.  I finally finished up sometime around 3:30 (if you can call basically giving up and turning in a subpar project ‘finishing’), and then took almost another hour to fall asleep.  My dreams were fitful and dark, and then I started awake a few hours later, convinced that I had slept through the entire day and it was actually 7:30 in the evening instead of the morning.

Needless to say, today has not been entirely pleasant.  I’m still walking and talking, but just barely.  I’m afraid that if I go to Bikram, I’ll lull myself into a yoga coma and won’t make it home.  Instead, I’m going to go home and look for my younger cat’s microchip papers.  Oh goody.

I’ve been vaguely sick to my stomach since Sunday morning.  Not even actually sick, just like my stomach is thinking about maybe getting sick at some point.  It’s weird, and now that I’m overtired, it’s confusing, as well.  I long for a yoga class to help me clear my thoughts/emotions/mid-section.  I think it might be that time of the month again (my schedule has always been faster than most – another ‘oh goody’).

Also, I’m debating getting a cell phone.  T-mobile is having this really great deal right now on a new HTC Wildfire for free with a 2-year agreement.  Their unlimited talk & text (plus data) plan runs around $80 a month, and it seems like a really good deal.  However, I’m not sure how much taxes and fees are going to be.  Right now my monthly plan is $57, but only includes 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts, and no data.  At this very moment, that’s absolutely fine.  However, when I start working from home in a couple of weeks, I’m going to need a business phone and automatic access to business emails.  I know I’ll have to get a smartphone at some point very soon, but now that I’m basically dead on my feet, it’s hard for me to make the call.  If I wait until tomorrow, though, I won’t have a call to make because the phone won’t be free anymore.  What should I do?


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