Back to Basics


It’s a beautiful Sunday, a bit overcast, somewhat windy, and blessedly cool outside.  I have all of the windows open, letting the breeze flow through the house.  I was hoping that it would help me concentrate on my necessary tasks – so much homework to do – but instead I’m goofing around and shopping for free Kindle books.

Today’s Weight: 160.0 (surprise, surprise)

Today’s Goals: Finish laundry, finish homework, go to yoga, and have the house somewhat clean before I go to bed tonight.  I’d also like to go to the movies, but not sure if I’m going to have the motivation for that, given my present state of being.

I don’t think that my homework will be too time consuming, but first I’ll need to reread the assignment.  I read it briefly earlier in the week, and was slightly irritated by the premise.  I’m in a branding class for my marketing studies, and the idea is to decide who the perfect spokesperson for my selected company’s brand would be.  It can be any celebrity or well known character, or a combination of a couple or a few.  So far the only celebrity I can think of that I’d love to have as a spokesperson for my chosen company (a pizza place) would be Robert de Niro.  So maybe a mix of Robert de Niro and someone more rock and roll/crazy, like Alice Cooper?  I dunno.  I’m having trouble, and I also find it a little irritating to have to define an entire business with one made up person.  I guess I also find it irritating because I know the real brand (given current clientele and workers) would be closer to an annoying Pete Wentz kind of character.

Also, it needs to be someone tough and hard living, like Joan Jett.  Could I use Anthony Bourdain as a spokesperson?  Maybe a combination of Tony Bourdain, for his in-your-face attitude and ability to call it like he sees it, Robert de Niro for his versatility and thoughtful attention to detail, and K$sha, for her youthful, dirty girl, rock and roll persona.  Not that I’m a fan of K$sha’s personality, but she’s got the look I’m going for here.  Is there another female performer with that crucial mix, someone more admirable?  I’ll have to think on it.


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