Monday, Monday, Monday!

Today’s Weight: 160.2 lbs.

*This is me doing a little booty-shaking dance in celebration of once again being almost 159 lbs.*

I’m seriously considering doing a double Bikram class tonight.  Even though last night was emotionally rough, and I didn’t get to sleep until past 1am, I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and happy.  It makes me think that as long as I get enough water and calories today prior to heading off to class, 180 minutes in the studio shouldn’t be too tough.  Plus, I’d then (again) only be one double away from being on track, since today is Day 12 and I’ve only done 9 classes.

Until then, got a full work load of budgeting duties at the office.  Really can’t wait to be finished with school and finally get to work in marketing all the time instead of having to do boring sales & contracts work constantly.  That’s going to be awhile, though, so hopefully when I move there will be some kind of writing/marketing/office admin position that will move me very far from any kind of project budgeting duties forever.  Pricing out accessories for model homes has gotten to be really depressing – the imaginary people who ‘live’ in my company’s model homes have nicer things than I can afford.  Surely that’s not right.

I’m also really hoping that my boyfriend and I will get a call back confirming the apartment we applied for on Saturday.  Please pray for us, friends!  I’m already planning my 30th birthday celebration in our new back yard, surrounded by loved ones, cooking up some NC BBQ, roasting oysters, and practically bathing in homemade spinach dip…but first there needs to be a back yard.

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