Change of Plans

Man, my 30 Day Bikram Challenge is not going all that well at the moment.  There’s still time to turn it around, but tonight is not going to be that night.  I was supposed to leave the office at 5pm for a 5:45pm yoga class, but now I’m stuck here indefinitely, waiting on a delivery of USB thumb drives to arrive.  I’m feeling a little stabby, which is exactly the opposite of the feeling of collected calm a yogini is supposed to be cultivating.

Anyway, the next available class isn’t until 8pm, and there’s not enough time beforehand to eat dinner.  I can’t wait until 9:45pm to eat again, so I’ve decided to cut class and follow a new plan of action – homework.  I’ve got an entire book to read this week (The Brand Gap), and it’s all ready to go on my Kindle, so I’m going to go home, make a nice dinner, and do some heavy duty reading.

If I can get at least a third of the way through, I’m allowed to watch the newest episode of True Blood.  The last episode included kissing and snuggling, so I’m hoping this episode includes…murder, werewolves, and OK, maybe just a little bit of vampire petting.

What?  You can’t tell me you don’t want to pet a Viking, too.

True Blood - Eric Northman


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