Just finished up with my homework, and it’s not looking too positive for me right now.  I may have just bombed my first college course since freshman year of undergrad, and it was 90% tech related (yes, computer savvy friends, ‘human error’ = ‘tech related’ in this blog entry – get over it).  I finished up with my assignment a couple of hours early, which isn’t like me since I’m normally working right up to the minute.  In retrospect, I probably should have known something was about to go horribly awry.

The assignment was to create a slideshow, then integrate it into Garageband to make a podcast.  The topic of the podcast was to be a fully fleshed out marketing plan for a company; my marketing plan was pretty solid, so it didn’t take me long to create the slides, but I spent longer than I should making them look great.  Then I spent some extra time after recording the voiceover to make sure the sound flowed smoothly and that it sounded as professional as it looked.  Finally, I was ready to put it into podcast format, take one last look, then send it off to my professor.

Except that once it was saved to my desktop, I couldn’t figure out how to view it.  I clicked on it.  Nothing happened.  I clicked again, and suddenly there was my voice, layered multiple times – the audio portion of the show had opened up once for every time I clicked (I’m still no good at the one click rule in Mac, having been a PC girl for so long).  Freaked out a bit since I couldn’t see where the sound was coming from at first and couldn’t get all of the mes to stop talking at once for a little while.  Finally I figured that I must have just saved the show incorrectly.  So I went back and saved it in another format.  Then again.  Then again.  An hour and a half later, I had exhausted the formats I could save it in, and nothing I was searching for on Google was giving me anything even remotely useful.

So I cried.  A lot.  And emailed the professor to say sorry for not having my homework done on time, but I did have the sound file.  I emailed him the ‘sound file’ to prove that I wasn’t slacking off.  Then went back to trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my computer.

And then it happened.  I right clicked.  There, plain as day, the option to open in Quicktime instead of iTunes.  So I did.  And I viewed the show.  And it sucked, because now I had to figure out what to do to make the rectangular slides visible in the square podcast window.  Seriously Mac?  You integrate a slideshow program with an audio program and don’t give the audio program the ability to have rectangular slides?  Eventually I found that I could reduce the slides to fit into the allowed square space, but really?  And then the quality was absolute crap.

So I turned it in, this monstrosity of a homework assignment.  It was 30 minutes late, and the references section was seriously lacking.  In all the excitement, I also didn’t get to comment on my last discussion topic, so that’s a black mark on my grade, as well.  I’m more than just a little miffed, to tell you the truth, but there’s no one to blame but myself.  I could have worked on this assignment earlier today.  Well, I should have…don’t really know if I actually could have, as my procrastination is almost at the level of physical impairment by now.

But what makes me even madder, really, isn’t that my assignment was late.  It’s that it was perfect.  Beautiful.  Then I was thwarted by a tech problem a 5 year old would have been able to see through.  Argh.

I’d like to go to bed, but I’m too wound up now.  Instead I’ll read my new textbooks.  New class starts tomorrow, and it’s about creating and marketing a brand.  Right now my brand is adorable, slightly technologically inept dieter.  How am I doing?

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