Motivation #3: Virtual Model

Today’s Weight: 160.8

It’s Sunday, and for me Sunday means homework.  I have a HUGE homework assignment due in a manner of hours, and I’m still trying to figure out where to go with it.  It’s the final assignment for this class, and is worth 25% of my grade.  I’m supposed to create a marketing plan for my chosen business (a pizza place), and demonstrate the plan in either a short paper or a podcast.  I’m leaning towards podcast, but not really sure just yet if that’s a definite.  I know that most people would be freaking out if they were 9 hours away from a deadline and didn’t have anything concrete to show yet, but I’ve been thinking about this assignment since Week 1 of the class, so as far as having a marketing plan put together, I’m solid.  I just don’t have anything down on paper yet, and need to start that process asap.  Right now as I write this, the rest of my brain is working on what kinds of visual aids I’d like to build into my slides.  Not quite sure of the direction I’d like to go with those, yet.  I’m thinking that for the design of the slides, themselves, I’ll reuse an existing template I put together for an earlier slideshow.  I’m hoping that the colors will work well with my company’s logo, but if not it should be a big deal to throw together another quick design.  We’ll see.

Other than procrastinating on the schoolwork, I’ve kept pretty busy today.  I washed laundry, nursed a major headache, and ate my calorie quota for the day in crappy food from 7-11.  I’m hoping to get to go to yoga later this afternoon, but if not I’ll just double up a couple of times this week, no biggie.  The boss is out of the office, so I’m hoping to be able to leave early at least one day.

The other thing I got done is creating a virtual model.  I wanted to do this at the beginning of my journey, but the website I used to use, My Virtual Model, is only partially working.  You can get to the site, but for some reason when I’ve tried to log in or create a new model, an error screen pops up.  I did some searching and found that other people are complaining about the same thing in multiple forums out there.  So then I went looking for a similar site, but couldn’t find one.  I really like the models from My Virtual Model, since they’re accurate, cute, and you can dress them up in a variety of different looks.  After a lot of legwork, I finally found that the website has an app up on Facebook that works exactly like the site used to, with work being the operative word.  So I created a model of me at 165, when I started this lifestyle change, and a model of me at 145, where I’d like to be in roughly 100 days.  I made her in two different outfits and took screen shots, so you’d be able to see the difference.  Don’t know about you, but I find these extremely motivating…

Me at 165 (Casual)
This is me at 165 lbs., wearing pretty much what I always wear, jeans & a t-shirt.
Me at 145 (Casual)
This is me at 145 lbs. Same look, but much less hip action going on.
Me at 165 (Dressy)
I love this dress; it's much more flattering than the jeans & t-shirt at 165 lbs!
Me at 145 (Dressy)
A slightly dressier version of me at 145 lbs.

After finding the app, I went back to see if the original site was working.  It wasn’t, but I found their corporate site, and saw that the same company has a virtual model program for teens called My Model.  So here’s what I look like right now.  Sure, I’m a little chunkier than I’d like, but still pretty cute for a cartoon girl 🙂

Me at 160 lbs.
Me at 160 lbs. - love the clutch!

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  1. that’s very cool. i just blogged about visualizing your success. if you dont mind. i might mention the my model app.. you are doing the right things; keep it up! see your success!!!

  2. Anna says:

    No, I wouldn’t mind at all! It’s such a fun tool (toy) to use…like paper dolls for the slightly less imaginative. Plus, from the amount of people online complaining about the original site being down, it would probably help to get the word out that there’s another couple of options.

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