Bikram 30 Day Challenge Update

Bikram Funny

Today is the 10th day of my 30 Day Bikram Challenge, and I’ve only been to eight classes, counting a class this morning.  One of the more forgiving aspects of the challenge is that your only goal is to do 30 classes in 30 days, so if you don’t go once a day you can make up for that by doubling up now and then.  Today is one of those days for me.  In a few minutes I’m going to shut down my computer and head right back out to yoga class to do those 26 postures all over again.  I’m a little sleepy, but not sore and certainly not scared of what’s going to happen in class.  This morning’s class was a good one.  I sat out a couple of times, and I had trouble getting my thoughts to stay in the room, but otherwise I was feeling cool and relaxed throughout class.  I’m anticipating that my second class of the day will be a little harder on me, especially in my arms and the backs of my thighs.  I’m sure otherwise I’ll be fine, though.  And if I’m not fine, that’s why I have the option to sit down and breathe.

After class I’m heading to a housewarming party for my friends Jaffa & Jack, who just moved into their first apartment together.  I have to start working on a big homework assignment tonight, so not going to drink anything alcoholic.  However, I will be enjoying whatever culinary offerings await!

In other news, please send me your prayers and good energy – my boyfriend might have found us a really great apartment today after a very long search.  The application is complete, but there were other people interested in the place.  Hoping that this time things go well and we finally have a home.  It’s a beautiful old half of a shotgun double, with the original mantles and nice wood floors and plasterwork, a parlor, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, WASHER & DRYER HALLELUJAH!, and even a back yard.  It’s basically everything that we’ve been looking for, so cross your fingers, folks!


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