Evil Baked Goods

You know that scene from Se7en, where they find the murder victim who was killed by being force fed?  He’s morbidly obese, and even more swollen now that he’s rotting and collapsed against the kitchen table, with his fat rolls fairly oozing grease?  That’s kind of how I’m feeling today.  Not that anyone’s chained me down and forced me to eat spaghetti or anything, but I’m still not doing so hot on the ‘healthy eating’ front.

So far today, I’ve eaten two and a half sesame bagels with cream cheese and a cupcake for dessert.  Oh, and I drank a Diet Pepsi, because I couldn’t find a Diet Coke while out at Target.  What’s really weird is that theoretically, I’m within my calorie limit for the day.  At least, I think I am.  I’m not really sure how many calories were in each of the bagels I shoved down my gullet, since they were from a local independent bakery, so I couldn’t get an exact calorie count to put in Spark People.  I did some calorie comparison shopping and picked a bagel from the list that I thought would be just about what I’ve ingested.

The thing is, I love bagels.  They’re by far my favorite baked good.  I’m not really a fan of cakes or pastries (not that I’ll say no if you offer me one, but I typically don’t crave them) but there’s just something about a warm, toasty bagel that is so very satisfying.  Not to mention cream cheese, especially if it has chives or veggies in it.  Or sun dried tomato & basil…mmmm.  And I’m not going to beat myself up about this too much, because I’m moving back to New Orleans in a matter of weeks, and it might be years before I have access to decent bagels again.  YEARS.  Wait, why am I moving, again?

There’s one more bagel in the kitchen right now, but I’m pretty stuffed, and I think that two and a half is really all my stomach – and my pride – can take.  Heading out in a few to meet up with my friend Danica at this free literary event that promises to be super fun.  There’s a dunking booth where you can choose between ‘killing’ a book or a Kindle, a life-sized Ouiji board with a coffee-table sized planchette for contacting dead writers, and I’m told there will also be zombie face painting.  My geeky heart just might burst with happiness!

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