That’s a Wrap.


It’s been one bloody long day. I just finished a horrible homework assignment that involved me frantically searching the web for information on location-based mobile marketing apps, then doing a video presentation on how they’re changing the face of business as we know it. I’m sure to most of my classmates this was a Mickey Mouse assignment, something they could do with their eyes closed. Unfortunately, I don’t have a smart phone, don’t really see the need for one (other than for acing assignments like this), find it annoying when my friends ‘check in’ places (blech), and wouldn’t want The Man tracking my every move even if I did have something more sophisticated than my current gadget.

In fact, I lost my rinkydink POS phone on Friday, didn’t find it until Saturday, and in the mean time rationalized going phone-less if it did end up lost forever. It was under the passenger seat of the car, and when I found it I was a bit disappointed to be re-tethered. Not that I answer (or make) calls all that often anyway, but I’m sure at least one of you can sympathize with me. Don’t you ever just want to not be available and not have anyone angry at you for, you know, being your own person with your own time and a limited amount of patience for spoken chit-chat when you could just be blogging about all of the inconsequential BS instead? Of course we all know I’m being facetious. Kinda. I think I got phone boredom from my Nana, though my Grandpa can’t stand close contact with a telephone for more than 5 minutes. He hangs up on people when he gets bored. Can’t wait until I’m old enough to do that without having to write apology letters.

Anyway, enough about mobile technology and on to dieting technology. I cannot believe that this is the fourth day of my 20 x 30 plan, and I’m already down almost five pounds! The other thing that’s really getting me is that I really thought counting every calorie would be tough. I was sure that there was no way to stay within my limits while still enjoying life, but for the last few days I’ve been eating great food and lots of it, and keeping my calorie count at a minimum. Actually, I should have eaten more today, but I was so stuffed with my pasta & tilapia dinner that there just wasn’t a spare inch to fit any more food into. If there would have been some Brocato’s Italian ice in the freezer, I might have been able to find a little room, though 🙂

A couple of great things happened today. For one, I found out that I’m going to have my first guest blogger in a day or two. Keep tuned; I’m excited to be able to share one of my best friends’ until now top-secret source of inspiration & motivation. Hint: dangerous curves ahead!

Also, I’ve been thinking that I should give myself a present when I get to 155 lbs. Every day on my way to yoga, I pass this rock shop with crystals and beautiful jewelry in the window. On one shelf, there’s this lovely little crystal ball. It’s not a sphere, but rather it looks like someone squashed it down, so it’s flat on the top and bottom, and the sides bow out a bit more. Every day I stop and stare at this beautiful thing, and think I’d like to find out more about it. I haven’t been close enough to it to feel its energy, and if it works with mine, but I could almost swear that I feel its beauty more than see it. Yup, I know I’m getting too far into the new-age for some of you, but I’ve decided that I’m not allowed to go into that rock shop until I’m 155 lbs. After that, we’ll see if a particular rock in that shop wants to go home with me. I hope so.

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