5 Down, 15 To Go!

Today’s Weight: 160.0 lbs. (Woohoo!!!!)

Other than that, though, good grief am I exhausted. I slept poorly again last night. Didn’t even start getting sleepy until around 1:30, and then I woke up pretty often throughout the night. That was OK, though, because my cat, Isabel, was finally in the mood to cuddle after days of ignoring me. It was comforting to share my nighttime space with a happy, purring kitty.

The lazy part of me wants to skip Bikram class tonight and just go home, finish the Simon Pegg biography, then catch some early Zs. This lazy part is trying to rationalize by telling me that I’m obviously working out too hard and am wearing myself down.

The true inner Anna is telling me that I ALWAYS feel like this on Monday mornings – dull, lifeless, hard time keeping my eyes open because my mind is so bored with everything that’s going on in my office. Yeah, I know that my crappy sleep pattern has to be contributing in some way, and that I probably should have taken my vitamins this morning. I know that with all the sweating I’m doing, I really need to be watching my nutrition, and carefully supplementing for nutrients I’m sweating out every day in yoga. A brief search of the internet shows dozens of blogs by other Bikram junkies who struggled through their own weakness and slow days, only to emerge triumphant in the end. I like this blog in particular, since she’s a photographer with some really fun shots, plus a special tab for nutrition tips. However, considering the fact that all I have to do is stay in the room (that’s right, don’t even have to move) to count the class as successful, I’d be a chickenshit liar if I backed out on Day 5. It’s even worse when there are people out there with the drive to do 60 or 100 day challenges.

That being said, who would have known that hitting 160 would do so much for my confidence? I woke up this morning and admired my frame in the mirror (convinced that my stomach was flatter, which can’t actually be true, but whatever), then picked out a really chic casual office outfit. I’m wearing skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, a coral sweater with red buttons, and my sparky little red kitten heels (Vixen, by Sole Society). My belt fastened at the last hole for the first time in months, to which I’d like to issue a big ol’ HOO-RAH. I feel so cute, and also completely convinced that tomorrow I’ll finally be hitting 159.

If I’ve still got half a brain cell after class, I’ll write an update on my progress.

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