Enjoy While it Lasts

Photo by Nisha Sondhe. Click through to visit her beautiful food photography.

Today’s Weight: 160.4 lbs.

I’m pretty sure this pound-a-day streak has to end pretty soon, but I’m digging it in the mean time. It would be such a mood booster to get below 160 before things start to slow down and the weight loss is less dramatic.

I’m moving to New Orleans in about a month, and am really hoping to be 155 by the time I uproot and head back down to my old stomping grounds. That way I’ll be so deep in my plan that po-boys and multiple bloody marys will seem like a bad idea. There has to be some instruction guide to logical po-boy consumption, though. Maybe you buy one and then cut it in quarters and save the rest for other days? I wonder how many calories there are in one regular size fried oyster po-boy with lettuce, tomato and mayo – oh eek! Just did a preliminary check and 6 oysters is around 370 calories. A full size po-boy should have around 12 to 15 oysters on it, and then there’s the bread and mayo. Good lord! *sigh*

Well, I started my day off with a weigh in, some yogurt, and now a little bit of blogging. I’ve got to check the Bikram schedule, but should be heading out in the next few hours for a class. In the mean time I plan to do a load of laundry and work on school projects. I slept pretty poorly again last night, but it wasn’t the heat, it was the vivid, really active dreams. You know those mornings when you wake up feeling like your dreams just wore you out?

I won’t lie, I feel like just going back to sleep, but not heading in that direction. Way too much work to do today. I’m also on a long streak of great grades in grad school, and really want to keep that up for as long as possible.

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  1. Danica Tiu says:

    You can do it, Anna!

    Also, now that I am not viewing this on my phone: our starting weights are almost the same! Our current weights, however, are not. Keep it up, lady!

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks! It’s really helping me to know my friends are all there, watching as I try (yet again) to get my act together.

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