Motivation #1: Cute Outfits

Talked to one of my best girlfriends tonight about getting in shape, and she reminded me of something. I used to look really good in skirts and heels. My legs were amazing – I looked taller than I am, like my legs went up to my chin. That was about 8 years ago, and I really rocked the look with miniskirts and stilettos. Of course, if I tried that look now, I’d be both too old and just too out of shape for it. My legs still look OK, but they’re not stunning. Plus, miniskirts and stilettos scream ‘HOOKER’ – not really sure why I didn’t feel that way at 21, lol!

Truth is, though, there are a lot of things I’d love to wear that I just can’t get away with anymore. I’m still young enough for lots of those looks, so my only hangup at the moment is the way my body is shaped. That sucks. I’m getting old before my time, and it’s all for the love of pizza and ice cream. Well, not any more.

A few outfits that motivate me to get off the couch and keep my calorie count down:

Friends with Benefits - Mila & Justin

Mr. Timberlake does nothing for me, but I love Mila Kunis' casual-cute outfit. Her legs look like a million dollars in that skirt!

True Blood - Evan Rachel Wood

Though her character was rather annoying, Evan Rachel Wood's glamourous outfits in True Blood were, well, to die for.

Emma Watson in a photo shoot for Elle UK

I want to wear fun frocks like this without looking like an overdressed cupcake. Maybe tutus are a bit much for most occasions, but having the svelte upper body to pull off a shirt like this would make my life so much sweeter.

I’m sure there are more, but these are a good enough start for motivational photos for tonight. I’m going back to watching Saving Grace and contemplating an earlier bedtime. G’nite, luvs!

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