Access Denied (aka. Google Authenticator is the bane of my existence)


I’ve lost access to all of my other blogs on Every single one (there are seven in all, I believe). Let this be a warning to you – don’t change your phone number AND purchase a new phone, plus have your Authenticator app tied to a Google account you never use, then forget your login info for the Google account. If so, you’ll be irrevocably screwed, because if you’ve never tried to contact for support before, you should know that their Happiness Engineers will not help you if you haven’t paid for your domain. Plus, you have to log in to use the Forum to see if anyone else can help you, so what good is that? I’ll just go ahead and answer myself: none. No help at all. Nada.

And the password reset page that offers help for people who’ve forgotten an email or password or don’t have access to their phones won’t help me, because it recognizes the email I’m trying to log in with and just keeps telling me to head back to the regular password reset page. On top of that, Google is refusing to help me reset my password because I either need to have it texted (to my old phone number, which no longer exists), or answer their security questions. Their security questions, by the way, include such gems as the approximate date that I started using my Google account (how the FUCK would I know that? Who knows that?) and the dates I started using other Google services like Gmail or Calendar. Have I entered one of the circles of hell?

So now I’ve lost The Camino Plan plus a bunch of other hidden sites like Soup, Sandwich, Go! and (most irritating) the blog I used for collecting story ideas. Oh sure, I’m going to get all of this info back in the long run, but right now, at this very moment, I kind of want to punch something. Or someone. I’m not especially picky. Grrr…


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  1. i*Kan says:

    Oh my god, that’s terrible. Did you manage to regain access by now?

    1. compassandquill says:

      Yup, it was the pits! I finally got back in last week, thanks to a lovely Happiness Engineer who was so awesome and helped me figure out a way around everything. I’d love to say that I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ll never get locked out again, but I’m hopeless at remembering the million and one passwords necessary to just go about basic daily activities these days…

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