WordPress Zero to Hero Update (Day 4)


On Day 1 of the Zero to Hero Challenge, I wrote a blog post to define what it is I’d like for Compass & Quill to be. Day 2 was the time for creating an “About” statement – created, and located in the widget to your right. It’s not that great, but it’s a beginning. On Day 3, our assignment was to write the post we’d always imagined we’d write (mine was a review of Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, one of my favorite products). And today? Today it’s time to “meet the neighbors.”

I follow quite a few other bloggers, but definitely don’t stop in and check out what they’ve got to say as often as I’d like. Since moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, I seldom sign in to WP and check out my reader. But that’s where things need to change. I think that in answer to today’s assignment, I’ll not only sign up to follow a few different topics on the reader, but I’ll also set up an RSS feed to keep in touch with bloggers from all over the web. That being said, it’s time to get to work. TTFN!

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