WordPress Zero to Hero: Day 1 – Why Blog?


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I originally started blogging because I love to write, and thought it would be a great way to get some thoughts out of my head and down on (imaginary) paper. One of the things that I’ve noticed about Compass & Quill over time, however, is that though my basic “journal entry” style has stayed the same, I’m not fleshing out other ideas as well as I’d like to. This year I’d like to try to create a site that better reflects my interests, and concentrates less on introspection. So here are a few of my goals for this year:

  • Write app reviews. I’ve tried a ton of productivity and fitness apps, and have strong feelings about quite a few of them. I’m going to make it a goal to learn more about writing app reviews that people enjoy and trust, and then try to write at least two a month.
  • Write book reviews. This is more about accountability than anything. I’d love to read a book a week this year, so keeping in mind that I need to write a couple of reviews a month should help keep me on track. What do you think, should I only review the “intelligent” reads, or would you guys be interested in reviews of trashy romance novels?
  • Write green beauty & body reviews. I’m always buying new beauty products – I’d like to start using what I learn about each product to help people make smart purchasing decisions.
  • Get sponsors. I want this blog to bring in money through ad placement and referral links. Then I want to spend that money on a really nice vacation for my 33rd birthday 🙂
  • Set some personal goals and use the blog to keep track of them. Not my usual “I’m going on a crazy diet!” goals, but more life-enriching ones, like running a marathon again this year, reading a book a week, creating a foolproof beauty routine that makes me feel more confident, learning to dress for my body, starting a daily yoga routine, strengthening my empathic abilities, starting a rewarding side career in volunteering to help the less fortunate, etc.
  • Take more photos! I’ve always wanted to be a good photographer. Not a professional, just someone with moderate skill. I need to spend at least a few hours a week taking snapshots, and this is the perfect place to share them.

What would you like to see more of in my blog? Do you have any posts that you’ve loved (arts & crafts, movie reviews, cat pictures) or things you could live without (journal posts, fashion notes, women’s health)? I’d love to hear your thoughts as I spend the next 30 days creating a better structure for my online home!


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