Thanks For Everything…And Nothing

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks that we take a second to give thanks to or for something. In the spirit of not being a complete asshat, I’ll say my nice stuff first:

Thanks Mum, for being sweet and slightly weird. You’ve helped me carve out a niche for myself as a similarly sweet, and somewhat-less-than-kooky person. You also taught me to love animals, and that’s something a kid can never hear too early or often. I feel sorry for people whose parents think animals are just “things.” That must suck.

Also, thank you Daddy for being excited about learning. Sure, you tell lots of tall tales, but when it comes down to it, your grasp of logic and reality is superb. You balance Mum out very well, and got me into all the things that matter – questioning life, reading everything I could get my hands on, knowing when a yard sale is going to be good, feeling most at home in nature, and generally trusting no one.

From all of that, one might glean that I’m off to join a militia somewhere, but really I am pretty even-keeled. It’s The Man who’s well-prepared and sometimes talks of stockpiling supplies, just in case. Which reminds me:

Thank you, Man, for listening when I struggle to find ways to express myself. Thank you for knowing what I’m thinking before I say it, and knowing where I’m going with a sentence even if I’m having trouble finding all of the most important words to string it together. Sometimes I’ll be trying to tell you something and the words that come out barely make sense to me, but you just know me. That’s huge. I’m sorry I’m so stuck in my own head sometimes, and too proud other times. I’m sorry that I take the easy way out and don’t talk to you enough sometimes. I’m trying to do better – thanks for seeing that, and working with me even when it’s hard for you to be patient, too.

So now that I’ve gotten all of the good stuff out of the way, here’s what I’m actually here to say…

To all of the people who keep writing to me and asking me to feature their product/story/deal/etc. on my blog without offering me any kind of compensation – NO DEAL. It’s a pretty big insult, no matter who you are or to whom you’re speaking, to ask for free space to advertise your wares, no-strings-attached.

Maybe, just maybe, if I had some kind of relationship with you, I’d be nice enough to post a review of your new book, or mention the sweet t-shirt you made me for my birthday, or send people over to see the awesome blog post you just wrote about your cat, etc. But the fact is that I don’t know you, and still you have the nerve to email me and ask that I whore my personal space (a.k.a. this blog) out to you like that’s OK?

As if that were not enough, most of you also want me to work for you for free (with, I might add, no attempt to even pretend there’s a possible ROI.) Just in case you’re not sure why this is a bad thing, there’s this thing called a writer, and when writers write for other people they normally get this thing called a paycheck. Look it up – I promise I’m not shitting you.

By the way, C&Q is hosted on, and we have some rules we have to stick to over here. Thanks for making it really easy with your unattractive offers.

See, I can be thankful 🙂

7 thoughts on “Thanks For Everything…And Nothing

  1. kizzylee says:

    hi, oh my this i empathise with completely – i remember the first time not so long ago when i was still new to all this being an author thing and i was still very naive and happily ran myself into the ground trying to help everyone right up to the day when a young girl about 19 maybe 20 sent me a message over facebook saying ‘i send you the third book you proofread and edit i am sending the fourth to another’ i was so puzzled at the time, i did not know her never seen or heard from her ever before , she had sent a friend request and i added next thing i get this message so i was like ‘i am sorry i think you mixed me up with someone else’ thinking she had clicked wrong icon in her friends list but she came back with -‘you’re an author aren’t you?’ i was flummoxed and yes and she said ‘well then i have the right person you can proofread my book and edit it and send it back to me’ i counted to ten before replying that ‘in all the world i would never approach someone i did not know or even someone i did and ask them to perform such a huge amount of work and the worse part was -no manners!- not a please nor thank you in sight’ and get this she said ‘i have to ask so many people to do my work i cannot possibly be expected to say please every time anyway i am dyslexic, therefore disabled’, i swear once again i counted to ten before politely replying she really had got the wrong person i removed blocked her and was literally blown away by the whole thing i had never come across anyone so rude ever i don’t go on facebook any more but crikey the world sure has some over confidant people in it! stay strong and know i for one agree with you and get where you are coming from , have a lovely day xx

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