Day 4: Beets for Breakfast


Weighed in at 160.0 lbs this morning, so officially back on track.

Also, something I’m very proud of: I went to Bikram again this morning. That alone shouldn’t be that big of a deal, except that I woke up at 9:35, and class was at 10am. Instead of doing my normal routine where I talk myself into the health benefits of getting enough sleep, I convinced myself to get up and get out of the house. I made it to class with enough time to do a little stretching beforehand, and even scored a spot for my mat right up at the front mirror! If you haven’t done Bikram before, the entire front wall of the class is mirrored, and you’re supposed to spend the majority of the poses looking at yourself to concentrate and correct your form (which is a constant). I can’t see the front of the room from the back row without my glasses, and the combination of heat plus not being able to pick out a spot to concentrate on that isn’t blurry makes me dizzy. The only chance I have of actually seeing myself in the mirror is if I’m right up on the mirror, often an impossible spot to grab. So I was stoked.

Anyway, came home, and ate breakfast, which consisted of three scrambled egg whites with sauteed mushrooms and parsley, and a big nice roasted beet on the side. It sounds like an odd breakfast probably, but I’m happy. Also, on a whim I looked up the health benefits of beets, and wow!

Did you guys know that beets:

  • Contain boron, which helps regulate sex hormones?
  • Cleanse the liver and purify your blood?
  • Can help you find out if your stomach acidity is too high?
  • Contain betalain & tryptophan, both great for your mental health & stress relief?
  • Are high in natural, slow-releasing sugar, rivaling chocolate as a natural source of energy?
  • Are high in folate and iron, great for pregnant ladies?
  • Have been shown to fight cancer AND lower blood pressure?
  • Also, beet greens are high in luteins – great for your eyes!

Crazy, right? OK, enough with beets. I’m going to spend a little time cooking up some veggies for the week, then it’s off to the movies to see The World’s End. Yay, Simon Pegg!

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