Day 3: Fair Weather


It rained all day. I watched way too many episodes of Mad Men. But overall, I was a pretty good girl.

Well, there was a big piece of lemon cake with a lemon pudding center. And a sugar-free gas station cappuccino (one of my biggest weaknesses). And some corn nuts.

But overall, it was OK. I woke up at 160.4 lbs, so a pound down from yesterday. I went to Bikram, and didn’t die, so that’s nice. And I made this marvelous egg white omelet with all kinds of good veggies in it. Overall, I haven’t been completely awful today, and since I’m full and rather sleepy, I don’t suppose I’ll do much more to screw myself over during the rest of the day.

And that’s as much as I’m writing about fitness & nutrition today.

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