Changing My Life: #3 (Short Update)


Just wanted to stop in for a second to say that after yesterday’s post, I worked up the courage to go home and talk to The Man about my choice to get off of the pill and start working with a fertility computer. Since I’d spent some time looking over stats, studies, and reviews, I was able to really clearly articulate why I was making this decision and how things would work.

I thought that it was going to be this big conversation where I’d have to sit him down, explain everything, have him get flustered and weirded out. Instead, we chatted about it as he unpacked groceries and made us dinner, he asked me questions, and I gave him stats and ideas about reviews, plus options for when the Lady Comp gives me red or yellow days. It took about five minutes of very calm conversation, and he was totally cool with everything I said, saying “I trust you – it’s YOUR body.”

Maybe it seems silly for me to be impressed, but I am. It just goes to show that for the most part, if I’d just talk about all of the crap I spend my time internally obsessing over, life would get a lot easier.

Time to move on to bigger and better changes – like lunchtime. I’m starving!

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