Race, Cold, Origami No

Just a tiny update, since it’s late and I’m dying to get a little sleep.

Once again, I’m behind on origami. Yesterday I slept in until almost 2pm, then got up and got ready and went out to do a 4 mile run across the Crescent City Connection (which spans the Mississippi River between Downtown New Orleans and the West Bank) with about a thousand other insane people. Read more about the race here. Don’t believe the bullshit about it being a beautiful sunset run – maybe if you’re at the very tail end of the race, but if you’re with the younger-than-70 crowd, you’ll be blistering in the sun.

The race was a terrible mistake. I was already feeling sick, but I’m also not good with being in the sun too much, and I overheated pretty quickly. I stayed hydrated, but was just plodding along. At first I was running almost a full minute slower than my norm, but then as we started running up the bridge, my sunscreen started to melt and run into my eyes. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and they burned more with each passing moment. Since I couldn’t see, I slowed to a walk, but as much as I tried to mop my face to keep more sunscreen from going in my eyes, nothing was helping. It came to a point where I had to decide whether to turn around to find the EMTs or keep going (they had told us that there would be no water stations on the bridge).

Luckily, I kept going, and there was a surprise water station. I was able to wash my eyes out and wash my face off, and after that everything was fine. I picked up my pace a bit, but by then I was two miles in and just kind of done with the whole affair. I’ve never felt like that in a road race before, but I wasn’t alone. I walked the whole third mile, and there were tons of people walking with me, even stopping to take photos of themselves and friends on the bridge. For many it seemed to be more of a fun run than a competitive thing, so I just congratulated myself for getting out of the house and tried to go with the flow.

At the finish line my friend Bill met me with a bottle of water, and I was so dizzy and out of it, even though I hadn’t put forth a lot of effort. It was a really weird day, but I got a cool t-shirt that says “I Ran The Span” (referring to the twin spans of the bridge). After the race, I was so pooped that I came back home, put on a movie, and fell asleep half way through. No origami.

Today I woke up early with an incredible craving for waffles. Spoiler: I never got them. I went to see Hangover III at the movie theater – not as bad as I expected, but honestly that’s not saying much. After that, I went to pick up some household stuff at Marshalls. I got these awesome weight lifting gloves, since I planned on going to the gym. But when I got to the gym, my key card didn’t work. So I came home and had a two hour phone call with my parents instead. Then I started coughing like crazy, and am still coughing right now as I write this incredibly long and even more incredibly boring (sorry!) blog post. When I finish here, I’ll go to bed. No origami again.

I’m two days behind on the 30 day challenge. This week is going to be crazy at work. CRAZY. I’m starting to worry about all of the things I’m not doing properly in my life, like staying healthy, having fun, making money, and organizing my time properly. Hence the no origami.


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  1. Monika Amita Bakshi says:

    😀 Nice read! Hope you are feeling better now!!??

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