Thirty Days Project: Day 7

Ugh. Coming down with yet another cold, so I thought I’d take it easy on myself today with a very simple project, the origami cube.

Unfortunately, the tutorial that I was following, which had lots of comments on how easy, fun, etc. it was to make these cubes, actually left out a HUGE step in the photos and writing. Not that that’s a huge surprise – origami tutorials are notoriously prone to leaving out important bits and expecting you to jump from point C to point Z with no problem. However, this time, since it was a blog entry with play-by-play photos that go over every painful step except for the most important one, I feel that I’m entitled to bitch a bit. Also, I’m a little miffed because I ended up folding not 6, but 18 modules, since the first try didn’t work at all, the second try worked but looked crappy, and I was proud enough to want a third try at perfection.

From left to right: Attempt #1, Attempt #2, Victory!

From left to right: Attempt #1, Attempt #2, Victory!


Here’s the fruit of my labor. A cube. Whoo.

941166_10151574209574086_2142903720_n (1)

I’m going back to more intricate projects tomorrow. The simple ones always kick my butt.

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