Photography, Um…Saturday? Week 5 – New Haircut & A Clean Desk


Sorry for missing my Friday deadline, guys – I’ll try not to let it happen again. This week I got my hair cut, went out for cocktails & a goodbye party with my team at work, presented a marketing plan, spent an evening hanging out with clients (which was strange, but fun), and still managed to watch a lot of TV, read most of a book, and start planning my upcoming trip to NYC! I took a bunch of photos, but not one every day, as planned. In fact, most of them are from the end of the week.

On Wednesday afternoon, I got my hair cut. It was getting out of control! If you’re in the New Orleans area, I can’t possibly give enough of a shout out to my stylist Babette Liebenau at Stardust Salon on Magazine Street. She’s a genius with curly hair, but also works on boring straight hair like mine.

Hair on the floor
My hair was pretty short to begin with (about collar-length) but had still grown out a lot since my last hair cut. This is what Babette, my super awesome stylist, cut off!
The new 'do!
The new ‘do!

After my hair cut, the plan was to take my coworker Nathan out for a goodbye happy hour at Domenica Restaurant (which has half-priced pizzas from 3pm to 6pm nightly). Unfortunately they were all booked up, so we did a tiny pub crawl instead, hitting up The Sazerac Bar, Victory Bar, and The American Sector.

Ramos Gin Fizz & Sazerac at Sazerac Bar New Orleans
Stopped in for a delicious Ramos Gin Fizz (Gary had a Sazerac) at The Sazerac Bar in the swanky Roosevelt Hotel.


New Orleans Architecture CBD
Facades in the CBD. Weirdly, I just now realized that this Comfort Inn is the first place I laid my head in New Orleans. When my parents brought me to Tulane University to start my freshman year, we arrived a night early and stayed at this hotel. It was my first time ever visiting New Orleans, and my parents were really scared to be in the big city (and to be leaving me).
Dragon wallpaper in a new restaurant downtown.
Dragon wallpaper in a new restaurant downtown.
Civic Lofts New Orleans
The Civic Lofts, a renovated building that still has its old sign out front from when it used to be the (air-conditioned!) Civic Theater. The new Civic Theater is now on the back side of the same building, with a new sign.



Love that you can look straight through this building.
Both love and hate that you can look straight through this building.

I spent some quality time on Thursday reading a great new book, “Death In The City Of Light” and hanging out with Murphy, who has needed much more love since The Man went away on assignment.


Munky laid down on my tummy while I was reading, and kept pushing his face into my hands, wrapped around the edges of my book. In the end I gave up and gave him scratches.
Munky laid down on my tummy while I was reading, and kept pushing his face into my hands, which were wrapped around the edges of my book. In the end I gave up, put the book down, and spent some quality time giving him chin scratches.

On Friday I did the seemingly impossible and CLEANED MY DESK! Actually, I usually like to keep my desk tidy, but over the last couple of weeks it just got out of control. It’s been affecting my concentration, so I decided it was time to take on the mess. Here are before and after shots.

Messy work station
Messy work station

Notice that I’ve added a second painting to my desk – another portrait of a woman by artist Amber Leilani – and in the “After” shots I also moved the red painting on my wall down to a better spot. In all, very pleased with the way this turned out. Don’t know where I’m going to put all the new origami I end up making in June, but we’ll figure that out soon 🙂

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  1. Nice pic of new ‘do. Looks great. A Sazarac in New Orleans sounds great. I spent a good bit of time there in the 90’s but haven’t been back since Katrina. Hope to get back there sometime soon but who knows.

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks! Sazeracs are my favorite cocktails of all time, but as simple as they are, it’s oddly pretty easy to mess them up. Too many fancy new cocktail bars substitute in a smoother whiskey, which takes some of the pleasure out of the “bite” of the real deal. A friend of mine is a direct descendent of famous New Orleans playboy Bernard de Marigny, and mixes up de Marigny’s personal Sazerac recipe on hot summer afternoons. He advises (and my palate agrees) to use Old Grand-Dad Rye Bourbon, which is a lower price point but a much superior flavor than some smoother brands. It also helps to make your own simple syrup instead of using something out of the bottle. Wow, I’m a rambler – love my cocktails!

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