Just Signed Up For The 30 Days Project!



Get ready for some more origami, folks! Just signed up again for the 30 Days Project. This round of the project lasts the entirety of June, and if you haven’t read up on it I really do encourage you to check it out. It’s a 30 day promise to create one thing per day, with no real guidelines on what kind of thing you have to create. It happens twice(ish) a year, and last time around was so much fun. Last November was my first time participating, and if you were reading the blog then you probably noticed me posting a photo of a piece of origami every day of the challenge. A friend of mine created a video every day of the challenge (craziness), and some of the other participants drew, painted, wrote poems, told stories, and more. The 30 Days Project website suggests that participants can:

-Complete thirty software tutorials.
-Record thirty cover songs.
-Photograph subjects that have always intimidated you.
-Write thirty poems from a new point of view.
-Paint thirty versions of the same object.
-Write thirty short stories.
-Sculpt thirty maquettes.
-Copy thirty pen drawings from the Masters.
-Animate thirty walk-cycles.
-Make thirty how-to DIY projects from the internet.
-Develop abandoned ideas from old sketchbooks.
-Anything you like, as long as you post finished work every day.

If you’re getting involved, please let me know! I’ll do my best to visit every day and check out your work, and even though I’m being incredibly dorky right now, it really is a ton of fun 🙂

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