Thirty Days of Origami – Day #11 (Origami Tricorne)



Apparently this is called ‘tricorne’ after the hat of the same name – though the end result has little in common with the hat. Instead, it’s a 12-sided shape that is very easy to fold and fairly irritating to put together. Once it goes together, though, there’s the magic. This project marks the first time that I just got bored, didn’t have to do any origami, and did some anyway, just because. Since I finished it after midnight, I’m going to count it as my Day #11, but I might still do some more folding in the morning.

I’m getting really into this little hobby of mine. It’s so neat to be able to take two flimsy pieces of paper and turn them into a solid form that has depth and volume. It definitely makes me want to stretch limits and try for ever-harder shapes. Today I found a diagram for a dragon with outstretched wings. I don’t think I’m up to the challenge just yet, but I’m keeping the diagram on hand nonetheless.

If you’re interested in folding your own tricorne, be forewarned that the very last part – fitting all the pieces together – is a real bitch. Click here for instructions, and at the end where it says that you might have to move paper out of your way, I found that it was easier to start crunching some of the hidden bits of paper with my finger, then pushing on the ends to slide the modules together more and more. The shape gets squished a little, but that’s easily remedied.


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