Sunny, With A Chance Of…

I’m so flattered to have been nominated for my very first blogging award – isn’t that so cool? Unfortunately, I’m probably not all that worthy of the honor…I was actually nominated by the fabulous Cam over at A Witch’s Life back in late August, and am just now getting around to fulfilling the requirements. Oops. Oh well – there’s no time like the present!

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” The rules of the award are pretty straightforward:

  • Blog about your nomination and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer 10 questions.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and link them to the post.
  • Leave comments on your nominee’s blogs let them know about their award.

And now for the questions! If I may have a drumroll, please…

1) Who is your favorite philosopher?

I can’t say that I know of any philosophers off the top of my head, though I do enjoy insightful quotes about truth, life, universe, etc. more than I should. In fact, I’ve got three guys (or two guys and a movie character) in mind, but I really don’t know if they’d be considered philosophers. Gimme a second here…

OK, I’m back after a quick Google search, and have decided that all three fit the loose category of philosopher. I can’t pick between the three – it’s a straight toss up between Gandhi, St. Francis and Yoda, strictly in terms of amazing statements that spoke to my soul and have changed my outlook on life. Sorry if I’ve upset anyone’s view on philosophy, or if I’m just obviously being a dunce by not naming someone more expected, like Plato or something.

2) What is your favorite number?

Eight (8) all the way! Though 42 is worth mentioning.

3) What is your favorite animal?

I love owls.

4) What are your Facebook & Twitter URLs?

I don’t have a FB page for the blog, but my Twitter handle is @compassandquill, and you can also find my super cool Tumblr blog in the sidebar on the right side of the page.

5) What is your favorite time of day?

Any time that it’s dark and quiet and I get to be alone. So before 6am and after 6pm, currently.

6) What was your favorite vacation?

The trip I took to Venice, Perugia and Assisi this summer ranked pretty high on my list, though going to Paris and Chartres in the summer of 2005 was pretty darn amazing, too.

7) What is your favorite physical activity?

I like chasing things and running away from things. That sounds weird, but I really like running if there’s a reason to do so, and I dislike playing any form of ball game. That means that opportunities where I have to chase things (a car, a dog, the mailman, etc.) end up being pretty fun for me. I also love hiking difficult paths, and dancing wildly to Afrobeat music.

8) Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Irish breakfast tea.

9) What is your favorite flower?

Anything that grows wild on the side of the highway.

10) What is your passion?

I had to stop and think about this one. For a moment I was afraid that I might not actually have a passion; nothing immediately popped out at me. Then I realized it didn’t jump out as a “passion” because I’m so busy dreaming about it every day that it seems entwined in my being, almost. My passion, my heart’s desire, is the pilgrimage I’m eventually going to take to Santiago de Compostela. I’ve been planning to take The Road for 10 years now, and I’m hoping to make that become a reality in the next year. I’ll let you know when things start taking a clearer shape.

Here are my nominees, in no particular order. I’m choosing the folks that I’ve enjoyed reading on a regular basis and think are probably real hip cats out in the actual world. They’re all folks who’ve inspired me with their creativity and care, and bring a fair amount of sunshine into this electronic inner universe we inhabit. Thanks, fellow bloggers!

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  1. Congratulations on the award! It was fun to learn a little more about you. And thank you so much for the recognition. On behalf of the kitties in SP#1, I’m very grateful. 🙂

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