Thirty Days of Origami – Day #4 (Origami Vase)

Today’s project was fun and pretty simple, despite having to cobble together instructions to get a more concise idea of just what I was supposed to do. For this easy vase, I first found FishGoth’s page and very detailed drawings here. Then I realized that that diagram actually started out from a place where you’d already folded a number of times, but I didn’t know what those folds should be, so I found more instructions here. From there my vase turned into the second set of instructions instead of FishGoth’s version, so I think I’ll try recreating his style of vase tomorrow.

It turns out that today’s vase starts with the same folds that yesterday’s water bomb started with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure it out on my own, so I went back to yesterday’s instructions and started refolding a water bomb base. After that, it was pretty easy. It looks a little weird in the photo, but it actually came out pretty nicely – it’s just hard to get an iPhone photo that shows the volume of the piece.

My insight today was that I most enjoy making things that have a purpose. I think yesterday’s project ticked me off a bit because, well, I couldn’t get it to expand when everyone on earth apparently thinks it’s the easiest thing ever, but also because what am I going to do with a little paper water balloon? Today’s project marks the third container that I’ve made, and with all three I’ve been pretty psyched to be making something useful – even when they turn out just a little odd.

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