Wrapping Up Early


It’s 10pm, but it feels more like 2am. I am straight up exhausted. It was a long, hard week, and the weekend promises more of the same. I don’t mind, though.

I made it to yoga this afternoon, and it was an amazing class! I didn’t skip anything except for the sit ups, but I always skip them because of my bad back. I’m still so happy that I did all four reps of Triangle…it’s one of those things that makes you feel like such a badass.

My calorie intake was good today, though I didn’t eat well. Hopefully going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon, and I want to stock up on enough fruits and veggies to not eat any meat in the coming weeks. It just makes me feel like crap, inside and out, when I eat meat, so really not sure why I’m still compelled to do it. For me it feels very similar to what it feels like to be an emotional eater. I don’t want to eat it, and I typically don’t have to, but something primal says that I must. I want to break that chain.

Going to bed super early tonight, since tomorrow I need to do two Bikram classes to make up for one of the two that I missed (with the other class just being my daily requirement). I’m going to start the day off with a yummy protein shake, go to yoga, do a little copywriting, then put together a grocery list and go stock my pantry. Gonna be a great day!

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