Day #16: Waiting for Ella


Two nights ago I had a dream that I found a kitten. She was a tiny, scrawny stray, and I named her Ella. Ever since then, I’ve had this feeling that I was going to find a kitten somewhere around the neighborhood. I’ve been driving much more carefully than usual, scanning the streetscape in case my kitten is just out and about somewhere. It’s probably nothing, probably just a dream, but it seemed like I should be ready and make room for a new little one in the house. I guess there’s nothing more to say, except that I hope I’m right.

In other news, I’m still 161 lbs, but it’s my fault for not exercising yesterday and also eating a steak dinner with The Man. Today I’ve been very good, having a shake for breakfast, a fake turkey burger for lunch, and I’ve already whipped up some guacamole for dinner, which I’ll have once I get home from yoga. I’m heading out to class in about 45 minutes, and honestly I feel so worn out that I really don’t want to, but I know it’s best.

This morning we went shopping. I was looking for a pair of basic black flats to wear to work meetings, but I couldn’t find anything at Ross, Marshall’s, or even at Target! I was really bummed about Target, since my last go-to flats came from there. I think I might go online now and see if I can get a pair, since nothing I’ve seen so far compares in price or comfort level. I want some fancier flats, too, but just a simple pair of black ones that go with jeans or dresses is so important to have on hand.

Sorry for the most boring blog post ever, guys.

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